5 years of blogging

It’s the 5th anniversary of this blog, and it’s one of those milestones where you look back at things to see what you have achieved. I can say that I am satisfied about the content of this blog, though dry and largely unpopular but it spoke and continues to speak about issues important to me, and in my personal opinion important in an absolute manner because they are priority issues affecting our lives, especially in Lebanon.

I am perfectly aware that this type of subjects is dry and unappealing and will not draw interest as much as blogs discussing lifestyles, reviewing movies and restaurants, or highlighting the latest fashion trends. Although, lifestyle, food, cinema, communication blogs are fun but these issues can’t be the center of our interest all the time, there are the more important issues shaping our future and our lives. So this blog is less about popularity and more about opinions regarding political, economic, and strategic issues that have a direct and severe impact on our lives and our future, that’s what this blog is striving to be.

Now moving to see how much this blog has been successful after 5 years, it’s been a total failure at drawing interest that’s for sure, but when it comes to content and the quality of content I am satisfied about it. It pointed the finger at vital issues, shed light on problems, tried to propose solutions and I can site many posts as an example, one of them is this post http://thelablive.blogspot.com/2010/03/untitled.html written two years ago and sounding the alarm on the deteriorating situation in the real estate sector, and warning from inflation and working class problems almost two years before buildings started to collapse and the wages crisis took place in Lebanon.

This blog has tried and will continue to try to shed light on the basic faults in the Lebanese system that are breeding an avalanche of continuous problems. It will also continue to tackle strategic issues concerning the region and the world.
Most similar blogs discuss things as they happen but over here it’s more about casting a vision for things, about establishing clarity to determine what is wrong and to determine the structural problems holding us back, because once you have identified where you need to improve you’ll be able to put effort and energy to make a change, otherwise we’ll continue to be lost and words will remain nothing more than ink on paper and pixels on screens.

So I’ll continue to look forward for your comments and ideas and I will try to improve the quality of the content on this blog, I’ll be phasing out random personal writings to another blog and sticking to strategic political and economic issues on this blog.
So if you’re interested in such issues, keep coming back, things are about to get better.


2 thoughts on “5 years of blogging

  1. Aalia says:

    Though I'm not Lebanese but I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially for its "dry" content. I hope that there are blogs like yours about my country (Saudi). Anyways, happy anniversary 🙂

  2. Rany says:

    Thank you Aalia for your kind words and comment 🙂

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