>Lebanese Green Party

>Not bad, a new party in Lebanon. Let’s hope that they will  not end up being useless like all other parties. Check them out here.


8 thoughts on “>Lebanese Green Party

  1. wondassista says:

    >oui, pas mal mais je comprends pas pourquoi on a appele ca un parti, peut etre est ce parce que c’est devenu monnaie courante les partis dans ce pays…au moins, je pense que les concepteurs pensent a un Liban vert bien que divers…

  2. poshlemon says:

    >It is an attempt worthy of applause. But, it must be greatly marketed. People here must be educated on this issue in every possible way. It requires public awareness on every level. I really hope this works.

  3. Rany says:

    >Wondassista,Les partis verts ne sont pas une nouveaute libanaise, il y a des partis verts en europe qui ont des deputes et des ministres, alors l’idee c’est d’introduire les plans verts au sein des endroits ou les decisions sont faites, et je pense que c’est une bonne idee.Et comme t’as dit au moins ils pensent a un Liban vert bien que divers.P,It’s definitely an attempt worthy of applause, for me just because someone in Lebanon is thinking differently, or should I say someone in Lebanon is thinking. And you’re right they have a huge task to do when it comes to public awareness and promoting green values. Let’s see where it will go, personally I wish them best of luck.

  4. Liliane says:

    >Rany, someone in Lebanon is thinking? 😛 how rude! plus, don’t forget we do have several groups in Lebanon who care about the environment and are actually doing things to help out such as recycling, for example in the building where I work, most of the companies are recycling, and from time to time, Scouts and other kind of groups go to the mountains and plant trees, and since we had that great fire in the forests 1 summer ago, there has been a huge media campaign to save the forests etc.. so I guess we need time for this awareness to reach most of the Lebanese.

  5. Liliane says:

    >but okay I guess, the way they’re trying to organize things has to be worth something, so nshalla kheir

  6. Rany says:

    >Liliane, I guess that you got me wrong. I was talking about Lebanese politics and not about environmental activism. So yes I am rude when it comes to lebanese politics.I think that you agree with me that let’s say around 90% of the lebanese people are either 8th or 14th of March am I right? And why is that, because they were born in a certain particular sect or because their parents belong to that particular party, that’s how most of the lebanese people choose their political affiliation there’s no thinking involved in the process. And politics in Lebanon have nothing to do with politics, it’s nothing but a cheap struggle over power, lebanese trying to eliminate and marginalize other lebanese as much as they can. No one tackles important subjects they are left to happen by chance, things like sustainable development, economic growth, unemployment, energy security, national security, poverty, health, education, environment…etc.Now these guys are making a new approach to politics in Lebanon, they are trying to change and achieve something as a political party, they see politics as a mean to run something and achieve something, that’s the different thinking that the rude me is talking about :)And I know about individual efforts to protect the environment in Lebanon, I actually took part in it when I was in high school. But unfortunately it doesn’t change anything and it remains limited, it’s been happening for a while now and what was achieved is so little. To achieve you need a holistic approach, from new laws to means to implement these laws to promoting public awareness about it and establishing healthy green habits…. So it’s a tough job…but as you said nshalla kheir I hope that the positive change will gain more momentum in Lebanon.

  7. Anonymous says:

    >I’m sorry that I’m interrupting but I have to say that I just can’t forget a clip I saw that refers to nassrallah’s speech..Just Take One Look:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=553vSPJNRzg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    >i hope this party will work for LAND AND COUNTRY…not like other parties,may GOD bless u .

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