>Better than nothing


Two MIG29 planes of the German Luftwaffe

10 MIG 29 FULCRUM for Lebanon, who would’ve thought that the lebanese air force will ever have planes. But the funny thing is that this donation comes right after that the russian air force has decided to ground all its MIG29s on october 18th after a crash in siberia, and you can add to that that the planes will reach us downgraded, so hopefully they will arrive with good engines and a doppler radar and a couple of missiles otherwise they’re completely useless. And I highly doubt, for technical reasons, that they will be able to pose a threat for Israel or at least be able to stop Israeli planes from having their daily trips above Lebanon. But they remain better than nothing, they can help in nahr el bared like scenarios and any support to the Lebanese army is good, it’s been keeping Lebanon pieced together for a while now.  


4 thoughts on “>Better than nothing

  1. Liliane says:

    >exactly, just like you said, anything is better than nothing! I was very happy that day when the hawkhunter was flying above us… something new! maybe in 10000 years we’ll be able to rage a war! not that I am pro wars …

  2. Rany says:

    >Yeah it’s better than nothing and that applies too to the Hawker Hunter planes even though they’re so old imagine that the army had to call its retired personnel to work on repairing them, the youngest guy in them was in his 70s 🙂 but those planes served well previously, a lebanese hawker hunter shot down an israeli air plane above the south back in the 60s.And about raging a war, well what is needed is a strong arm for the lebanese state that has good striking abilities without necessarily striking anywhere if it’s not needed, it is so essential in order to be able to have a planned lebanese foreign policy in the region, so it serves strategical purposes. Not to mention the obvious defensive capabilities so that anyone who wants to attack or do anything he wants to do in lebanon he will think twice before doing it because we’ll have the ability to kick his ass. So we need a strong army, we really need a strong army.

  3. Liliane says:

    >really? in their 70s ? hehe amazing!as for the rest, you’re definitely right, ma fineh zid shi 🙂

  4. Rany says:

    >yeah really in their 70s, Lebanon bought those planes in the late 50s.

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