>Some afternoon.


Rain drops are falling on me; and I’m walking; pictures passing through my head; names passing through my head; people; events things that happened this week; names; places; one name; places again; the streets are getting wet; the afternoon daylight is dimmed by gray clouds; I remember a tune; I sing it in my head; 4 years since the last time I heard it; the first rain makes the beautiful smell of earth; names; events; places; one name; the small clash I had at work earlier; I enjoyed it; it’s good to put arrogant people back into their appropriate place when they try to mess with you; some cars lit their head lights; beautiful reflections from the wet tarmac; I take a deep breath; Venus the roman goddess I have things to tell to her; Two little kids playing; their laughter; names; places; one name; events; plans; time is my new friend; it can uncover and reveal; whoa he almost hit him; it would’ve been a terrible accident; stupid driver; I silently sing the tune again; no I don’t regret; but different would’ve been better; well different I knew about it and it wasn’t feasible; a nice guy buys a flower and takes it to his wife in the car; how nice; that’s something rare to see; the word nice; I discovered lately that each one has a different definition for “nice”; a total philosophy can be built on one single adjective; my definition is very simple and nice; whatever; few rays of light break the clouds siege in the sky; they’re quickly blocked; better; gray is more suitable for this afternoon; I’m a bit confused; I don’t know the impact of my words and I never thought about it too much never calculated it; I talked with spontaneous honesty; the street lights are turned on; I’m reminded I’m not in Lebanon; some things are better kept inside until their appropriate time comes; what if it doesn’t come; is it good to leave some thoughts and words unspoken?; I open the shop door get some water; got to get back quickly because I’m busy; I wonder what some people think; I get out of the shop; busy a long night ahead of me.


7 thoughts on “>Some afternoon.

  1. Liliane says:

    >i felt like i was right there with you…I know what you mean about the unspoken words. sometimes you should say things and not keep them inside, and sometimes, as you said, they only should be said in their appopriate time. true, what if this time never comes? that’s why i write something somewhere, in hopes that in case the time never comes or i die before it, the person will get the message i once wanted to send them… melodramatic of me eh? 😛

  2. Liliane says:

    >oh and …. nice post 🙂

  3. Rany says:

    >So melodramatic Lilianne 😛 :), did you ever write something somewhere hoping that a certain person will get the message somehow?oh and thx for the nice comment. 🙂

  4. Rany says:

    >Liliane,elaborating more on my pointless question :), did u really* ever write something somewhere… I mean where can one write such things?Ella, 🙂

  5. poshlemon says:

    >wow, I love the description 🙂

  6. Rany says:

    >P, Glad that you love it :), bass ayya description leish mafhoum shi men shi? 🙂 😛

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