>Fruitful conversation

>Environmental activist: Pollution, there’s too much pollution, and it’s bad to the earth, and everything is too dirty, and there is too much of plastic bags it takes them million of years to decompose in earth!!! and the sea turtles are suffocating and there’s a hole in the ozone layer, and the fish are dying poisoned in the sea…and…

careless dude: Hey man…. Cool off, I think pollution can be good too……like imagine, soon enough and because of pollution bees will be making apricot jam for us instead of honey, that would be cool!
Environmental activist: hahaha, there you go, you said it yourself…they will be making apricot jam and no one will be making honey for us, do you think it’s something good?
careless dude: well duuude, who told you that no one will be making honey for us? honey will be made by apricot trees…. it’s very simple….lots of honey pots on trees…and it’s nice there will be no newton like guys to ramble about gravitation and shit like that, pots will fall on their heads and maybe they will make formulas about emergency rooms….hahahaha
And you know what, the way you just talk without stopping about environment will not do you any good, neither being on a small boat with a bunch of geeky punks following a whaler somewhere in the sea…. why don’t you just simply spread the message that pollution is changing our habitat in a way faster than our bodies can adapt to it, so we’re fabricating our extinction with our own hands…..that would make people think a bit..
Environmental activist: hmm, we’ll take it into consideration…
careless dude: yeah you should, did you know that cows will be making vegetarian meat? hahaha too bad that no vegetarians will survive to eat that meat, they will disappear long time before, you know because the vegetation will already long be gone it’ll be burned by acid rain….And  you know if I was the Maalox company, to make more money I will quit pharmaceuticals and move to the umbrellas business…because there will be too much acid rain….did u get it? hahaha look at the horror in your eyes hahahaha…you believed me didn’t you? 
Environmental activist: No I didn’t!!
careless dude: yes you did hahaha.
Environmental activist: you’re crazy.
careless dude: not more than you are, you freaky obsessed ship follower …hahaha.

2 thoughts on “>Fruitful conversation

  1. wondassista says:

    >quelle conversation…tres environmentale mais un peu exageree a mon avissurtout si ces “dudes” sont libanaisje crois bien qu’ils auraient “des choses beaucoup plus importantes” a discuter si tu vois ce que je veux dire lol

  2. Rany says:

    >C’est une petite caricature c’est tout :)Et oui, pour des “dudes” libanais, il y a des choses beaucoup plus importantes a discuter , mais la question est…… comme quoi? 😛 🙂

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