>The moment will come

>I’m not afraid of time
it can’t stop, it’ll either walk or run
And I’ll be dreaming
of when the morning comes
I’ll be waiting
to see the sun
that will light 
a hidden moon that I haven’t seen
but I adore and feel its stun

So, seconds
I’m not afraid of you
but you’d better run
you’d better fly
at the speed of light
there’s no time for having fun
I’m a creature of yearning
so go fight your war
and don’t come back
until it’s won
Don’t tell me
what’s right or wrong
try to spare me
your lessons of patience
it’s a wisdom 
that suicided
with a modern time gun

I’ll wait for the earth
to finish the days
that should be spun
but you’d better run
you’d better run
you’d better fast forward
that “on hold”……song.
I’m a creature of longing
so you’d better,
you’d better run….


5 thoughts on “>The moment will come

  1. poshlemon says:

    >Rany,where have you been all along? Time… what a concept or is it not? I loved it, especially the last stanza.Rany you should write more often.

  2. Rany says:

    >PL,well I’ve been far away and around :), lots of work to do, didn’t have too much time to write.Time, as you said it’s a concept. It’s only a concept even in science.Really glad that you loved it.I will try to write more often for sure, hope that I will be having enough time to do it.

  3. wondassista says:

    >oui, un jour viendra…

  4. ella says:

    >some things in life may changesome things stay the samelike timethere’s always timerany, keep writing, time will find you and not vice versa:)

  5. Rany says:

    >wondassista,Oui. Toujours, un jour viendra…ella,You’re right there’s always time…:)

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