>The evil alternative


Land prices soaring, farmers deserting alimentary agriculture, food stocks getting lower and lower, food prices sky rocketing that’s the impact that biofuels have made. It was a beautiful alternative to be considered and applied in a wise strategic manner, but once again the human greed steps in to destroy everything.

Biofuels would’ve offered a nice complementary alternative providing an additional energy source that recycles carbon, but transforming farms that used to produce wheat or rice or whatever, to the more profiting biofuel industry is a disaster, not to mention the systematic destruction of the flora and fauna.
I believe that we’re heading to an age full of crisis, we’ve depleted everything around us, resources are getting scarce, food, water, energy, the basic things for life. Humanity is heading to a dead end, and humans are not an intelligent specie, their collective intelligence is subzero.

2 thoughts on “>The evil alternative

  1. poshlemon says:

    >You’re right. But the good part, and this sucks coming from me, is that when humanity comes to an end, you and I would have already been to our end 🙂

  2. Rany says:

    >looool well you never know it might be sooner than you imagine, crisis is hitting all sectors and things are accelerating in an exponential way.

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