>I saw today a few camels on the side of the road so I stopped by to watch them and take a picture, and to my surprise one camel approached and stared at me; and then he kept staring at me….. and then he dabbed the sweat off his forehead, and then he stared at me and said: ….. Oufffff…….Walla shob…..shou jebak la hone!
It’s a real story believe me, 42 degrees and we’re still in April 😛


4 thoughts on “>…

  1. poshlemon says:

    >Rany,wow. A talking camel! I guess that what the heat does to you!I know africa very well and I know how the heat can be so excruciating. I used to carry some spare clothes cause sometimes I used to sweat, get dirty, and stink in just 5 minutes from stepping out of an air-conditioned space. However, I am guessing it’s ten times worse in Saudi.

  2. Rany says:

    >lol yes but it had nothing to do with me the heat made the camel talk, he had a sunstroke or something I don’t know what happened to that poor guy I just listened. 🙂 :PI don’t know but I think that it is worse than Africa, we’re just in April wait till the summer they say it’ll become like a burning hell.And by the way do you know what does that little mountain on the back of camels contain? Well I discovered that it contains reserves of sunscreen for sure, lots of it believe me. 😛 🙂

  3. poshlemon says:

    >Yeah, camel humps are fatty ;)By the way, how long have you been in Saudi Arabia?

  4. Rany says:

    >they are fatty?? and how do u know? there are no camels in the UK. 😛 :)))6 months already.

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