>I love those guys

> You can visit their site here Pixar


3 thoughts on “>I love those guys

  1. frenchy says:

    >i love mac, i love leica, i love lamborghinies , i love champagne, i love yacht, i love airplaneswell i m rooted by the consuming society 🙂 vive steve jobs

  2. Rany says:

    >:) Yeah u’re right, we are all deep rooted in the consuming society. Vive steve jobs and vive Apple :)But when it comes to me there’s a reason, I love mac because I love the combination of elegance performance and most of all reliability and because I hate microsoft who beats its competitors not by creativity and quality but by monopoly!!!I love Pixar because for me Pixar is synonymous to Art. The art of programming, the art of rendering, the art of animating, the art of creativity, the art of imagination, the art of hard work to achieve the closest thing to perfection in work, the art of creating things that are so fun to watch.Good thing that ur list of things you love is finite mine is too long! 🙂

  3. poshlemon says:

    >Rany,I totally agree. As a designer, I was advised to switch to a Mac. It was then that I discovered how much time I have wasted with Microsoft and my silly HP. Toshiba, Sony, Acer, etc… They all fall really behind the Mac; no exceptions. I totally agree with you on the Microsoft monopoly and the low prices. However, you get what you pay for. A Mac may be much costlier but it is worth it. I’ve had my Mac for 4 years now and it still feels like I’ve had it for 1 year.

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