>A turning point, few things are clearer.


7 thoughts on “>الآن

  1. Salam says:

    >a turning point, few things are clearer. an impressive sentence.Does it mean, no more looking back, or its time to take a risk, or its time for adventure, or or …………what made things clearer

  2. Rany says:

    >:)It means all of what you’ve mentioned and someother things.What made things clear, I tell you later. I can’t tell details here.

  3. Salam says:

    >Experience ……….

  4. poshlemon says:

    >You don’t need to give us details, but at least explain. Just pretend that nobody reads what you write here. Or actually, even if they do, they’re all strangers. It would be good to actually write it down because one day, when things get a bit foggy and unclear(this is life), you know you can come back to what you’ve once written when you felt things were clear.

  5. Rany says:

    >:) poshlemon, few things are clear and that’s different from things are clear.I can’t pretend that nobody reads what I write, and I hate to make a public display of my daily stuff, it’ll be like imposing things on readers that wouldn’t be interesting or useful for them. What I do in the “al2an” post series is to write from time to time about my state of mind in a general way, so it might be something that the reader once went through and it refreshes some memories for him/her or it might be something that she/he’s going through now, at the end it’ll be somehow up to a certain point worth reading. That’s it nothing more than that.My personal opinion is that when things get foggy and unclear it would be totally useless to get nostalgic and come read about when things were clear, I prefer to be active and work to make things clear instead of falling in nostalgia. But I’ll try to explain a bit about how few things are clearer, it’s like when your on a intersection and you don’t know which way is best to go, you’re not sure what would be the best next step, so you think about things and weigh stuff and seek to learn things that you didn’t know before and you’ll take the best next step or at least the justifiable next step. That’s it 🙂

  6. >Hi Rany, I’m glad to find your blog- thanks to Amal…Well done! I like it 🙂

  7. Rany says:

    >Hi kholoud, thx for ur support i’m glad that u like this blog 🙂

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