Lebanese people support till death other countries’ national teams like Brazil Germany Italy France and so on, but can anyone tell me why they don’t support their national team? They’re just happy when Brazil or Germany or Italy etc is playing they overcrowd any place that has a giant screen, and when their favorite team wins they call each other, go out cruise in their cars screaming and shouting, but when it comes to Lebanon they don’t care no one sets a giant screen no one cares about watching no one screams happiness when Lebanon wins. Last year we were playing in the Basketball world cup and even though we had a team lacking a lot of budget, preparation and moral, a team that was coming out of a country ravaged by war, we managed to beat France that held the title of the European championship but no one cared, this year Lebanon has made a wonderful journey in Asia championship and today we reached the final after beating South Korea and we have a chance of going to the Olympic games if we win the title but no one cares, they barely make a small report on it at the end of the news. So where’s the true patriotism? Why is it that the Lebanese people don’t feel a little bit of pride when our national team beats all Asian teams? Why no one raises the flag just the way they do for Brazil Germany France and Italy?? There’s only the cheap patriotism that makes them bark back whatever Aoun, Berri, Geagea, Hariri, Jounblat and Nasrallah say, maybe it would’ve meant for them if a team of the political party that they support was playing, but when a national icon for Lebanon, all Lebanon, such as the Lebanese team is playing it doesn’t mean anything for them.
So for the Lebanese team good luck guys in the final game I believe in you…and I’m raising the flag for you.


5 thoughts on “>Why?

  1. frenchy says:

    >I am not really a fan of basket indeed, I prefer rugby and such sports.However, the lebanese team also laked of mediatisation.The media didn’t promote this event as they should have been doing. They are more concentrated on a partisan vision of the political scene then what is uniting the lebanese among them. It is not our leaders, the mistake goes to your medias.

  2. Rany says:

    >Welcome to this blog, i agree with you the lebanese team lacked mediatisation and that’s what i’m talking about, but i wasn’t blaming political leaders i was blaming the lebanese people including those in the media.

  3. Salam says:

    >hello man, wie gehts?they shouldn’t play or win, and lebanon is passing in such situation.don’t worry its just our way as lebanese, love and like others more then what we appreciate aour selves

  4. poshlemon says:

    >I was surprised to see your post dedicated to the Lebanese national basketball team. That’s nice. Well, I watched the finals that day. At least, LBC showed it despite the heated political elections of that day.

  5. Rany says:

    >hi salam, i’m doing fine, hope that ur doing fine too. But I can’t agree on “they shouldn’t play or win”, those guys are a sample of the true lebanon they should play and win because they are capable of it and screw everything going around.poshlemon, thx for ur comment 🙂 LBC didn’t advertise that it will be showing it, well maybe they knew it was not important and it wouldn’t make a difference, and most people changed the channel to watch politicians swearing at each other.

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