>A: What the hell are you doing? it’s 35 degrees out here and you’re dabbing sweat off your face and drinking a big boiling hot cup of tea!!
B:You’ll be seeing me doing some other weird stuff, I want to make things get better for me so I’m just trying to get along with life and play its game, the game of senseless things happen the most. Still have some hot water, would you like a cup of tea?


3 thoughts on “>Wisdom

  1. Salam says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Salam says:

    >wisdom is what is left to deal with this life and that B guy is right and cunny. I like himi hope he’ll like me if we meet some day in this life or in the other………

  3. Rany says:

    >I have a feeling that you already know him 🙂 😉

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