>I wonder

>What did the demonstrators against the G8 summit or any similar demonstrators against similar events achieve other than appearing to the general public like a bunch of stupid punks!!!???
When will they start to realize that what they did and doing is useless, not only useles it’s harmful to their cause. Their work, energy and effort should be concentrated towards the general public to explain, show and convince. Transforming environmental issues and issues of justice, equality and fighting poverty to major concerns for the general public is what they should be working on. Only then politicians will have to take those concerns into consideration, nothing will change their policies and behaviors when they’re sure that no matter what they do they will have votes to remain in power.


One thought on “>I wonder

  1. أمل says:

    >I do not know whether to tell you ” I agree” or whether to say “bas rany ..bas..bit-hoon”

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