>The good bad old days…..I miss them



6 thoughts on “>The good bad old days…..I miss them

  1. Krys says:

    >aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatenzakar w ma ten3ad,…sin?? cos?? tg?? cercle? Pi? diametre???aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA nightmare OMG :S :SHehe we all miss the good old days Raby but only the time spent there but honestly I don t miss maths and physics and chemistry and arabic litteratures and french and tarikh l 3ouloum 3ind l 3arab and history and geographics and the worst catechese lol :))

  2. Rany says:

    >:))) sin cos tg cercle, hehe ces trucs du lycée sont un petit jeu d’enfant. Ici c bcp plus compliqué ce sont des equations de propagation d’ondes de quelques types d’antennes, je veux pas t’ennuyer par plus de details. Les bo moments du lycée me manquent de mm.

  3. poshlemon says:

    >Rany,haha wow rajja3etneh 7 years la wara… I probably remember nothing of all this and I hated it so much but I miss those days…Thanks, I’m inspired. I will be writing about my school days… for my own sake. I haven’t properly looked back ever since I moved on. Now would be a good time 🙂

  4. Rany says:

    >School years, interesting! I’ll be waiting to see what u’ll write :)However these equations date back to the uni years, they’re a small sample of radiation field equations of some types of antennas. And God knows they kept me awake for so many nights. 🙂

  5. poshlemon says:

    >Rany,oh, this only dates to uni times? Well, this is further proof of my complete ignorance in this area!

  6. Rany says:

    >hehehe, well you have your own expertise in many other fields.

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