>14th of April 2007

>Another 13th of April has passed in a period where every new single day is a “12th of April 1975”, and it seems that the Lebanese, all the Lebanese are starting to stop hesitating on moving to a new “13th of April 1975” to begin with another episode of barbarism. All the Lebanese people insist on accepting the political slavery, or worse they ask for it and go for it with their own legs to become political slaves for this chief or that chief or this party or that party. Well, to all Lebanese I say, guess what all your chiefs are humans just like you, nothing more than you, yes i know that you find it hard to believe but it’s the truth. And your chiefs do not have a monopoly for brain cells, you have brain cells too, it’s the first time you learn about that? better late then never, you too have brain cells so start using them NOW! you idiot secterian fanatic freaks.


2 thoughts on “>14th of April 2007

  1. Salam says:

    >man calm down,or else you’ll have a heart attack.easyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Rany says:

    >:D.Man with all that i’m seeing if i don’t say that i’ll have a heart attack.

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