>Make trade fair



3 thoughts on “>Make trade fair

  1. achinar says:

    >Extremely interesting topic ya Rany (comme d’habitude). Please allow me to add that supporting trade fair goes beyond asking the world leaders to do so. We can support it and promote for it ourselves. We can start by implementing the basics of the sustainable development within our own societies, apply it at work and get our companies to adopt a proper corporate social responsiblity programs.Yes we can make diffrence. You know what Rany, I guess I’ll stop blogging stupid personal stuff and I’ll start talking about subjects that can make real diffrence in our live and our kids’lives. Thanks for bringing up this matter:)

  2. Rany says:

    >I agree with you on the issue of sustainable development, we so much need it, but it depends on too many other things such as politics and political power conflicts, society and collective awarness of the matter, so it’s a complicated matter, and that’s why shouting out loud about it is important, moreover if the economic potential present is very low it will make sustainable development a very hard task.On the other hand, doing work on the corporate level is very hard bec if one company does something and others do not it will lose its competitivity and go out of buisness, the good thing to do is to support on the consumer level companies abiding with the bylaws of fair trade and social responsability and that again requires a lot of work to make a global awarness on the indivdual level. So that’s where comes the importance of putting the pressure on policy and law makers so that regulations and norms be issued and applied on everybody.Thx for ur comment :), i thought that no one is interested in such a matter.

  3. Krys says:

    >The medicines matter is a very important issue.C”est vraiment desolant de voir qu’avec tous les progres qu’il y a eu dans la medecine, on trouve encore des gens qui ne peuvent avoir acces aux soins et aux medications.Pourquoi aller plus loin, ceci existe meme au liban, y a une tranche importante de la population qui ne peut se permettre d’etre hospitalise selon les normes humaines et d’obtenir les medicaments neessaires withou kissing someone’s ass.Here in france, sans exceptions, il est hors question de faire des compromis concernant la sante.Thx for pointing the link :))

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