>the world is going NUTS

>Please read this article, they want to feed us cloned meat. What the hell is going on, bulls and sheeps are using condoms now, or doing vasectomy operations? They can’t breed them naturally anymore?
Science is good when it serves a need or adds to our knowledge, I mean why do we have to reinvent the wheel, and clone cattle when they can reproduce naturally, however cloning for stem cell research and for curing incurable diseases, that I totally support.


5 thoughts on “>the world is going NUTS

  1. achinar says:

    >aman rabbi aman, aman rabbi aman… wal aati a3zam!

  2. أمل says:

    >aha … aha … good …so I guess the arabs will have a rough time competing with that..i mean how could anyone clone “hawa” and shi tani mish ra7 oulo?

  3. Rany says:

    >achinar: sar lezem kel wa7ad ya3mel mazra3a zghireh la elo.Amal: :D, don’t worry they have stocks that can last forever. Ba3dein who cares, sa7tein 3a albon

  4. Krys says:

    >But maybe there’s good side in this if it’s proven scientifically that there’s no harm eating cloned meat.Ok am not saying am totally in it but I think we’re no more in the era of eating everything healthy and where everyone has a little farm to eat his own eggs and meat.Akid cloning is more efficient for stem cells end everyhting beneficial for health but if we could use it to decrease “le taux de famine” in the world then why not?

  5. Rany says:

    >Krys, i didn’t notice ur comment earlier. I can’t understand how cloning will reduce the “level of famine” maybe it is possible so if u can explain more on that i’ll appreciate it.However i think that they still need a female’s womb and ovum, so cloning, as far as i know, will not increase the number of the offspring so it’s better to use natural fertilization procedures. Well my humble opinion is that they made a lot of investment on cloning research and now they want to make money out of it in any possible way, it’s about making money nothing more.

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