I wake up, open the radio, some 14th of march politician lying replying on what an 8th of march politician lied the earlier day, words uttered reach my ears but do not enter my brain. I go turn on the TV, morning news without anything new, before hearing I mute the sound, the curse of the news bar at the bottom of the screen is still after me, I turn off the TV and do my morning routine, go out of the house into the elevator neighbors starting to argue about politics, I open the subject of the noisy water pump they stop talking about politics and discuss where to get a new one , on the road radio is off, disc player is on, some nice music playing, I look on the right side a billboard for 8th of march before reading it I look on the other side a billboard for 14th of march before reading it I look straight, I reach my destination, smoothly quickly take myself out of every political sterile argument discussion, someone opens the TV another 8th of march politician lying replying on what the 14th of march politician said in the morning, my ear barriers automatically switch on, I pray for someone to break this stupidity cycle, ask for a channel change, channel changed a narrow minded person aka political analyzer thinks himself the smartest guy on the planet and tells his idiotic theory about the current situation, I think for a second:” they outnumbered el motrbeen wel motrbet”? yes they did by far without the help of melody and rotana, go out of the room, routine, go out for lunch, take a table at the far end where no voices can reach me, eat peacefully, back to routine, hit the road back home looking straight ahead, arrive home, no electricity, count the stairs up, I reach the last one the current is back on, enter, drink a glass of water, go out to the balcony, light rain drops are falling on me, sigh, I survived the day without being teased by feeble mentally retarded politicians. Can’t run at 850 feet/s but I feel that i’m BULLETPROOF.


10 thoughts on “>BulletProof

  1. sherif nagib says:

    >We can also dodge, that’s what we’ve doing for ages 😦

  2. sherif nagib says:

    >we’ve been doing, there’s a “been” missing up there.. gosh I need some sleep.

  3. Rany says:

    >Sherif:Naaa, no dodging, it’s just a maneuvre, why do we have to take arrows that we can avoid.Thx for ur comment.Nights: eh ktir mni7a.

  4. Krys says:

    >welcome to the club…

  5. achinar says:

    >Amazingly funny!!! You remind me: Some 8 to 9 years back when i was working for MEA at the airport, an american pop singer had a concert in Beirut (guilty i don’t remember who he was). When checking in, he was complaining -well rather offended- that lebanese people did not interact with him properly, or kill themselves over him, he told me that lebanese people do not know how to party! Being an authentic lebanese, and an avid party goer then, I told him, listen buddy, In lebanon we have 2 singers and one dancer for every lebanese citizen, so don’t tell me that we don’t know how to party OKAY! He gave me a signed copy of his album that I didn’t bother to listen to. Nawal El Zoghby was much more important then…Now a days, I guess we can brag about our politicians, maybe we can export them as well, same thing we did we our Fannaneen. Hurray…

  6. Anonymous says:

    >”look on the right side a billboard for 8th of march before reading it I look on the other side a billboard for 14th of march before reading it I look straight”…wait keep looking straight and u’ll c mer3i abo mer3i…u r only allowed to look backward at our ugly past experience…at least thats what they want….Khaled

  7. Rany says:

    >Krys: you seem to be an avid clubber, u have a club for every single thing, anyway i don’t mind joining the club 😛 :)Achinar: glad that you liked, exporting Lebanese politicians! Well that will make a good scenario for a horror movie, the doom of the human race.Khaled: meen mer3i abo mer3i? eh khaled they want you to look at the past ugly experience of the side that u support, but them they changed they’re saints now, but look at those that ur allied to now in the 80s they did this and that, keef btet7alaf ma3 hal jazzar eh? but them and their current allies kenet el bsaineh btekellon 3ashehon in the 80s, ya 7aram.

  8. Krys says:

    >Lol :D, quand tu milites contre les cliches….that’s the best thing to do…a club for every exception..Now I can make a billboard (other than I love my shoes 😛 )”I love clubbing” bas heyk saret gher chi lol 😀

  9. Rany says:

    >Krys: are u making some sort of concentration camps with ur clubs!!! :P:) Ma ba2a fi ma7al la billboard “i love clubbing” e5er we7deh se3et kenet for ur shoes. But u can still make a club for “clubbing lovers” 🙂

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